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Contoh Soal Caption , Composing and Vocabulary Building

Contoh Soal Caption , Composing and Vocabulary Building - in the other lesson, you have been introduced to captions and learnt how to read and understand captions. To recall, a caption provides the media such as article, illustration, cartoon, photo, poster, or a video with appended text mostly telling about what to highlight from the media. Captions are mostly supposed to draw viewers’ attention to something not really obvious yet it is the real meanings of the picture or text.

We can put captions on pictures, video, or text, and they could be only short phrases or even long sentences. Look back at the following examples of captions on picture, video, and text. Make notes whether the captions are phrases or sentences.
In the first picture, the caption is a long noun phrase, while in the screen capture of the video the caption is two sentences-long description and a sentence in the newspaper article. Further in this session you are learning how to make a good and effective caption. But firstly, you need to master the choice of words thereby having skills to make a good caption. The choice of words is important. In order to draw an ‘attractive’ caption, you have to make sure that you use interesting words that could be able to get viewers’ attention.
Moreover, the choice of word is supposed to do with the media that needs captioning, whether formal-serious, informal-serious, or for amusement. Look at the pictures at the beginning. The first picture is rather amusing as the caption is merely to amuse the viewers, while the second and third (the video and article) are more of serious purpose of captioning.
Mastering the choice of words means building vocabularies, and particularly this session will provide you the review of derivatives to work up your vocabulary building. Derivation is forming new words from the existing root word and often involves the addition of prefix-affix such as pre-, –ness, un-, -tion/-ation, -sion, -ure, -al, -ment and so on. For example, here we have a root word sad (adjective) and you derive the word into other new words with new meanings as sadness (noun), sadden (verb), or sadly (adverb). Here are the other examples.

Contoh Soal Caption , Composing and Vocabulary Building

The following is not needed in making a good caption…
The best word to complete the blank is ....
Choose the best caption for the picture.
The best caption for the picture is....
The following captions are suitable, except ....
What is the article probably about? It is about ....
One of the following statement will not appear in the article.
Complete the caption that follows the news.

“A fire truck got into accident ....”.

One the following caption for the news that we can use is....
Decide the most appropriate caption that is relevant to the picture as well the article….
The caption is grammatically incorrect, the best phrase is....

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