Contoh Soal Working in Changing World , Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Building

Contoh Soal Working in Changing World , Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Building In this changing era, people start to adapt with numerous challenges to survive in this world. In this 21st century, the information technology is growing fast and there are many new jobs need these skills. Do you know what kinds of jobs in this 21st century era? What skills should you have to face this era? How would you face this changing world to be the best?

In this chapter, you are going to learn about working in changing world, in this 21st century era, so that you can prepare your future to do the best about your jobs.*
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Reading Section

21st century is the changing era. There are many challenges in this changing world. Some of the future challenges are the growing of information technology, the development of knowledge and technology, the globalization era which is enable for people to interact to another people in different country and different continent, and the growing of Indonesian population who got in enormous number of populations.
To face the new world, there are many skills of the young generation should have if they want to survive in the future. Furthermore, Indonesia has productive human resource in 2020–2035. It means that in those years there a lot of young generations compete in getting a job or creating a job in the future.
The main problem is, do we have all skills needed to struggle and survive in the future? This is the biggest problem of the young generation have. Now, technology is growing fast, and many of us use technology to help our daily life. Many present jobs need also the use of technology to help them working. Almost in all departments, companies, banks, they need technology. So the new jobs in this era are coming like software developers, online shops marketers, web developers, e-learning consultants, graphic designers, internet providers, networking installers, movie animators, game developers, and many others.
So, are you ready to face your near future? Are you ready to compete to the others and to be the best? Start learning now and you will be the winner in the future.
From the article above, we need to know some terms related to job. We have the word generation from the verb generatecompetition from the verb competeproductive from the noun product, and so on. All those words are called by derivatives.
Derivatives are the addition of the affixes before or after the root word. The addition of the affixes before the root words is called by prefix while the addition after the root words is called by suffix.
There are some rules of the derivatives.
We can use derivatives after determiners like: a, an, the, my, your, our, his, this, that, those, some, each, etc.
The patterns are:
  • add the suffix –ion, -tion e.g.: location, collection, etc.
  • add the suffix –age e.g.: coverage, carriage, etc.
  • add the suffix –ment e.g.: development, appointment, etc.
We can use derivatives after some these words: so, too, quite, more, most, etc.
The patterns are:
  • add the suffix -ive e.g.: communicative, imaginative, etc.
  • add the suffix -ful e.g.: successful, meaningful, etc.
  • add the suffix -ous e.g.: adventurous, hazardous, etc.
The patterns are:
• add the prefix en-

e.g.: enlarge, enable, etc.
• add the suffix -ze, -ize
e.g.: criticize, apologize, etc.
• add the suffix -en
e.g.: frighten, fasten, etc.
• add the suffix -fy, -ify
e.g.: clarify, classify, etc.
• add the suffix -ed, -ing
e.g.: stopped, stopping, etc.
It is usually used to explain the verb. It is usually used by using suffix –ly.
e.g.: quickly, slowly, etc.

Contoh Soal Working in Changing World , Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Building

“A good communication will be a good opportunity for the job seeker to get a job.”

From the sentence above, the word contains derivative word is ….
The correct prefixes are shown from the words ….
The correct verb derivatives are the words ….

“Companies need to expand their products”

The underlined word has the same meaning with .…
The impact of the developing of information technology is ….
The text tells us about ….

“the companies can save their time, worker, and of course their cost”

The underlined word refers to .…
The main idea of the second paragraph is ….

“one of the qualifications for the job seekers .…”

The word qualifications has the same meaning with .…

“…. who use technology in finding their customers.” (Paragraph 3)

The word “their” in the text refers to the word ….

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